Casey's General Stores, Inc Casey's General Stores, Inc. built their new headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa, in the early 1990s and retained Boody Fine Arts as art consultant upon recommendation by their Des Moines, Iowa, based architect firm.

After being retained, Boody Fine Arts partnered with Casey's General Stores' executive committee to determine appropriate art locations, scale, appropriate mediums and budget considerations. Two outdoor sculpture sites and one indoor wall were selected for major sculptural focal points within the new headquarters. Boody Fine Arts continued to manage the art acquisition process through installation.

Jane DeDecker was commissioned to sculpt board member Donald Lamberti's five grandchildren and their dog. This bronze sculpture was placed near the entrance to their headquarters'. As with all of our portrait projects, Boody Fine Arts managed the commissioning process, coordinated artist and client communication such as DeDecker's visits with Lamberti's grandchildren throughout the process, and made sure the installation ran smoothly.

Art Silverman's 25' tall aluminum sculpture was placed in the front lawn. Silverman defines his sculptures essentially as "shapes in three-dimensional space." All of his sculptures are created using the tetrahedron, a three-dimensional form defined by four flat triangles, just as the cube is defined by six squares. The sculpture is pleasantly complicated with varied surface textures and colors as well.

The headquarters interior lobby wall is home to James Byrd's glass on steel work. Byrd was the country's first artist to produce major works using his "glass on steel" process. These sculptural works as well as serigraphs and gouache paintings have been placed with private and corporate clients throughout the United States.


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