State of Montana Upon the issuing of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) by the State of Montana for the Senate Chamber Lewis and Clark relief project, Boody Fine Arts submitted six artists for the project. Of the six short-listed artists, three were submitted by Boody Fine Arts, Inc., and Eugene Daub was selected for the commission in 2004.

We Proceeded On was installed late in 2006 (with an unveiling in January 2007) on the west wall of the State Senate Chamber in Helena, Montana. The bronze bas relief structure is 8' x 17' and depicts a riverside camp scene of the Lewis and Clark Expedition including the native animals they would have encountered. This work brings to life the typical riverside camp "brimming with activity," as the figures prepare for the challenges awaiting the "Corps of Discovery". The figures included are of Sacajawea, Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their crewmen, epitomizing "the teamwork and monumental effort" of the expedition.

Daub, a fellow of the National Sculpture Society, is one of the leading classical relief artists in the nation. His clients are numerous and include public collections at the United States Capitol, the City of Kansas City, the Smithsonian Institute, the British Museum, and the Helsinki Art Museum.


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